Managing Insider Risk During Mergers and Acquisitions

Despite potential catastrophic consequences, many corporations do not prioritize personnel risk indicators or insider risk practices during the Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) process. As the rate of M&A deals continues to increase in the post-pandemic environment, it is critical for companies to consider the potential to onboard risk through this threat vector.

Corporate M&As create significant security risks and vulnerabilities for both the buyer and seller. Large amounts of sensitive information are exchanged outside each company’s normal security construct; changes in corporate culture and a climate of uncertainty can exacerbate employee anxieties; and the integration of new technologies may undermine a company’s network defenses. Yet typically, only c-suite executives and board members are involved in potential merger discussions.

We can provide an overview of common insider threat risks, provide case studies of M&As impacted by insider threats, and we offer recommendations on the most impactful actions companies can take to reduce risks during the M&A process.

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