Law Firm Alliances

Jacobson Burton Kelley PLLC Washington, DC (trade law firm)
The Chaklader Firm P.C. Washington, DC

Creydt Law Munich, Germany (trade law firm)
BenninkAmar Amsterdam, the Netherlands (trade law firm)
Florent Amsterdam, the Netherlands (asset recovery)
Schoenherr Vienna, Austria
MME Zürich, Switzerland
LANTER Zürich, Switzerland (also for compliance, export controls and sanctions
Asters Kyiv, Ukraine

Europe/South West Asia
Kenaroğlu Avukatlık Bürosu Istanbul, Turkey (IP law firm)

BGI Legal Tbilisi, Georgia

South Asia
ELP New Delhi, India


Note: The alliance of GTAC (Global Trade and Compliance) with any of the law firms listed herein is an informal strategic collaboration where there is a need to share or combine investigative or security related work provided by GTAC with legal services of the law firm in a specific country. This alliance is not a partnership. GTAC and each law firm listed herein is a separate and independent entity that performs its own work independently for its clients. GTAC and each law firm is solely responsible for its own work and any responsibility or liability for the work, acts or omissions of another firm or ally is excluded.