China Webinar

The GTAC “China Webinar” is a periodical gathering of attorneys, security experts, export control specialists and intelligence professionals.
The date of our next webinar will be published on this website, and we will send out invitations. You must register or subscribe for the webinar. You can do this by clicking a link that takes you to the webinar-landing page, where you will find a form that you can use to register. After filling in the form and submitting your details, you should get a confirmation email thanking you for registering for the webinar.
Alternatively, you can register by sending an email to us and requesting to be part of the webinar. For further information, or if you’d like to register already, please contact us.
Our webinar will provide a means for attendees to interact and participate during the event. We allocate time for Question and Answer sessions, and we have live chats for enhanced interaction between attendees and speakers, as well as between attendees and their fellow attendees.
Please note: our Private webinars can only be attended by people who are given access to them. 


Past Events

GTAC Webinar / September 23, 2021
What you should know about the new Chinese Export Control Law”, and
European Union: What you should know about the new EU Dual-Use Regulation


  • Global Trade and Compliance (GTAC) (Washington, DC)      Arthur Roy
  • CREYDT LAW (Germany)                                                         Matthias Creydt/Bea Trenner
  • BenninkAmar (The Netherlands)                                            Yvo Amar/Tomasz Kodrzycki


  • Jacobson Burton Kelley (Washington, DC)                            Michael Burton

If you’d like to receive a free copy of the three presentations, please let us know.