Sanctions Advising

Is your company having difficulties in trying to maintain compliance with sanctions and trade restrictions pertaining to Russia, Iran, and China? Do you know how much due diligence is required to ensure you are in compliance with Department of State, Department of Commerce (BIS), and Department of Treasury (OFAC) sanctions and trade restrictions?

On March 2, 2023, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that the DOJ is hiring 25 new prosecutors who will investigate and prosecute sanctions evasion, export control violations and similar economic crimes. She said the department will zealously pursue corporate crime in any industry, and will hold wrongdoers accountable, no matter how prominent or powerful they are. The new hires are part of a broader restructuring of, and resource commitments to, the DOJ’s National Security Division (NSD), increasing its capacity to investigate and prosecute sanctions violations.

GTAC Experts are former Regional Export Control Officers (ECOs) for the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) responsible for assisting companies throughout the world comply with sanctions and trade restrictions in exporting U.S. origin commodities to Russia, Iran, China and other parts of the world. We are multi-lingual and have assisted many companies, trade associations, and foreign governments in facilitating secure international trade. Let GTAC’s U.S. government-trained, experienced and internationally respected staff assist your company with your trade compliance needs. Contact us for more information.


Global Sanctions Dashboard (Atlantic Council)

The Atlantic Council’s Global Sanctions Dashboard provides a global overview of various sanctions regimes and lists.  Watch this page for monthly updates on the global sanctions landscape.

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