Due Diligence Investigations

General due diligence enquiries

A due diligence investigation, commonly performed prior to transactions such as a merger or acquisition, formation of a business partnership or strategic partnership, or a significant investment, is utilized to assess the character, integrity and reputation as well as the qualifications and track records of potential business partner(s) or key player(s) in a venture before companies enter into (financial) relationships. With a due diligence investigation you can curtail the prospect of accepting a bad investment or making a poor decision that might damage your company. 

We screen people and companies globally through our international network of partners, access to international databases and through deep web/dark web searches, however, our main regions are: Europe, MENA, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, Central Asia and China.

Trade-related due diligence

Do you know who really receives your products once you ship them?

By conducting due diligence and enhanced due diligence, our experienced team can thoroughly screen all parties to your transaction. We specialize in providing expert trade-related compliance and security services for transactions conducted in our main regions: Europe, MENA, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, Central Asia and China.

Let the GTAC Experts provide your company with global trade compliance insights from experienced former Federal Agents, Intelligence Officers, BIS Regional Export Control Officers, and Security Service personnel, to assist in:

  • Screening of intermediate consignees, ultimate consignees and end users to minimize risk to your company;
  • Assist in identifying red flags and risks of diversion to protect your company from nefarious actors;
  • Assist in searching foreign databases for end-user background checks to uncover foreign ownership;
  • Provide you with the experience built over decades in investigating nefarious foreign actors.

If you have significant concerns requiring enhanced due diligence methods, GTAC can also coordinate a custom solution to meet your needs. 

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