Pjotr, Senior Intelligence Analyst

Pjotr is a former Special Forces operative with authoritative knowledge of OSINT, CHIS, SOCMINT and the Deep Web community. Pjotr possesses extensive experience and knowledge in computer-based research. He is an expert who loves the art of the investigation and is like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding the “nugget” in a sea of assets and information. With capabilities in both lesser-known and popular tools such as Maltego, Hunchly, Recon-NG, The Harvester, NMap, Foca, and Shodan, Pjotr brings significant competence and supports many of our assignments.

“A really cool part about working here is that we do get to travel to areas where  GTAC operates. The experiences from these short-term deployments and helping to shape our intel environment have directly impacted our own and our client’s operational plans, all very fulfilling.”, according to Pjotr.

His experience offers the following:

• Open Source Intelligence
• Covert Human Intelligence Sources
• Deep Web & Dark Net Services
• Covert Surveillance
• Red Teaming Operations
• Physical and Protective Security
• Crisis Management
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
• Counterfeit/Illicit Trade Investigations
• Intelligence/Political Risk
• Logistics Security and Investigations (including air-freight)