General Monitorships

Our personnel have worked on numerous projects (primarily construction-related) as an investigator and/or monitor since 2004. Experience includes, with respect to Ground Zero, designing the monitorship program for the construction of the 9/11 Memorial and serving as investigators during the deconstruction of the Deutsche Bank Building.
In connection with the requirements set forth in two Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), our personnel served as investigators/monitors for a major international construction firm, as well as a large NYC-based construction firm, respectively, investigating/monitoring each firm’s compliance with certified payroll requirements. Following expiry of its DPA, the international firm continued, and expanded, the monitorship by retaining our personnel and adding the monitorship of the firm’s compliance with its own internal payroll requirements, as well as the vetting/monitoring of D/M/WBE contractors participating in the firm’s projects, to their mandate.
Our personnel have also worked as on-site investigators for the firm appointed to monitor Hurricane Sandy reimbursement claims/procedures in New York and New Jersey.

We are a member of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM).

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