Mehmet Teköz, Senior Security Consultant

Mehmet recently joined GTAC as our Country Representative in Turkey and Senior Security Consultant EEMA. Mehmet has a strong personality with proven leadership skills and extensive management expertise in Law Enforcement both in Turkey and abroad. Mehmet is an Intelligence expert and experienced investigator (both public and private sector), culturally sensitive (able to deal with tact in multicultural environments) and is multilingual (English: fluent, Greek: intermediate and Turkish: native tongue).

Between 2008-2019 Mehmet worked for Philip Morris International (PMI) throughout Turkey as well as in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Before joining (PMI) he was the Security Attaché of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens, Greece.

Prior to joining the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mehmet was Chief Superintendent and Homicide Detective at the TNPD (Turkish National Police Department).

Mehmet attended the Police Academy in Ankara, Turkey and the Police College in Izmir, Turkey.