Background Checks Russia
Individual Background Checks

  • Open background checks with the subject’s consent, who would be able to provide supporting information and documents.
  • Business Intelligence checks from public information, due diligence up to reputational inquiries, and site inspection.
  • Discrete checks, which may be carried out without the subject’s knowledge.

Open background checks in these jurisdictions with the individual’s consent and documentary support would be carried out transparently. This allows us to cross-check and verify the information more efficiently.

Standard pre-employment checks would usually fall under this category. The checks available consist of:

  • ID authentication
  • Address verification
  • Financial Probity (Bad Payment History)
  • Criminal history
  • Media references to criminal activities or personal reputation
  • Directorships & former or current company relations
  • Education & Employment checks
  • References of former supervisors
  • PEP (Politically Exposed Person), Sanctions and Watch Lists

To carry out discreet enhanced individual checks, a legitimate interest needs to be established (for example, if an infringing or criminal activity is suspected, or if the conduct of an employee has raised concerns). Each project has to be looked at individually to properly evaluate the scope of the work, and the sensitivity of the subject.

Corporate Background Checks

If the focus is going to be on business entities rather than individuals, our checks include:

  • Verification of subject’s legal status, if available a registration number or tax code is included
  • Details on subject’s ownership and/or management is included, if available
  • Officer/director address/background – there are three key aspects to this:
    • physically verifying the address,
    • conducting local media & database research and
    • enquiries with people in the same industry/sector and these are handled on a case by case basis as required
  • Officer/director involvement in other entities – this information is provided where available
  • Corporate background; criminal and civil record search; adverse civil or criminal history detail (lawsuits, collection accounts etc.) – negative information is included if available
  • Corporate History: subject foundation date is included wherever possible
  • Investigation of intellectual property rights violations
  • Information relating to credit amount/limitations is included if the report contains enough elements to make a reliable evaluation
  • Research and inclusion of info from news articles / press releases is a standard part of all our reports
  • Any anecdotal information/intelligence uncovered – will be included if discovered

In addition to these checks, we would include any adverse and noteworthy media checks, OSINT, Deep Web and Dark Net research.

Cases where business intelligence is required must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Due diligence operations require to be approached individually to determine any pre-identified limits or risks. This is particularly important if physical visits or inspections are expected.

*we conduct more or less the same checks throughout the region, such as in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, etc.

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