Digital Forensics

All computer use leaves a trail. Communications through email, text, instant messenger, and social media become lasting records. Even deleted data can often be recovered. For those involved in unauthorized or criminal activity, recoverable forensic evidence can be the best evidence of their illicit activities. For investigators and litigators, these digital breadcrumbs are the key to prevailing in a dispute.

GTAC experts can help you answer questions like:

  • Was evidence altered?
  • Was confidential information transmitted to an outsider?
  • Were electronic files or emails forged?
  • How far did malicious code penetrate the network?
  • How much personally identifiable information did a hacker access?

Our answers to these questions can be outcome determinative in a legal case or clearly expose an internal corporate problem. We get to the bottom of it efficiently, objectively, and defensibly.

GTAC examiners identify, preserve, and analyze digital data to provide definitive, fact-based conclusions for our clients, their attorneys, opposing counsel, regulators and courts. We examine artifacts and uncover the truth wherever it exists: on servers, databases, mobile devices, workstation/laptop hard drives, removable media, backup tapes, social media, or the cloud. The results of our investigations are presented in depositions, hearings, and trials through expert reports, affidavits, or testimony.

Selected Service Areas:

  • Data breach incident response forensics
  • Intellectual property theft/unauthorized access
  • Application analysis
  • Social media forensics
  • Source code review
  • E-forgeries/data manipulation
  • Mass or targeted deletions, wiping of computerized data, spoliation
  • Network, server, and enterprise database forensics
  • Mobile device, cell phone, and application forensics
  • Neutral and court-appointed forensic examinations and adverse inspections
  • Expert testimony

In Europe, we are working together with Trufflepig.

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