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Global Trade and Compliance, LLC

GTAC is an independent global trade and security consulting firm established to provide a robust set  of security services to support Global Trade Consulting, Independent Monitoring, Corporate Security Services, and Investigations. GTAC Expert’s competencies can assist to protect a company’s corporate assets, transactions and reputation.

Where International Trade Meets International Security

 GTAC’s mission is to prevent, detect and protect against existing and emerging threats to global industry.

 future cyber and physical threats and compromise to a company’s employees, facilities and products.

 historic and existing threats to a company’s efficiency, profitability, and overall security.

 a company’s cybersecurity, physical security, infrastructure, assets and people.

Deputy AG Reveals New DOJ Corporate Enforcement Strategy

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco on Thursday, September 15, 2022, unveiled a series of new U.S. Department of Justice policies for corporate crime enforcement, warning cooperating companies not to slow-walk disclosures, telling prosecutors to speed things up and expanding self-reporting programs across the department.