Close Protection

Do you have executives or teams of employees traveling? Nothing is more important than the safety of your human capital. 

GTAC Experts are trained and experienced in close and executive protection. While employed by the government, our staff provided protective services for senior U.S. Government and foreign leaders.

GTAC can coordinate and provide low-key, unobtrusive close-protection services. Whatever your company’s needs are for your employees, GTAC Experts can tailor services to meet them. GTAC  can conduct forward planning, managing travel, risk assessments and emergency services coordination. Our qualified operatives (vetted, medically trained, multilingual, male and/or female) can lawfully undertake a diverse range of protective services for business travelers, executives, lawyers or accountants, but also for high net worth individuals and celebrities, whether visiting a friendly or hostile environment. Main regions: Europe, MENA, the Caucasus, Turkey, and Central Asia.

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