Cultural Property Protection  

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    • Smuggling/trafficking of artifacts and antiquities
    • Criminal networks and conspiracies
    • Illegal excavations
    • In-depth investigations (OSINT, SOCMINT, Deep Web/Dark Net)
    • Covert Surveillance Operations
    • Asset Tracing & Repatriating Art Work


      • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments / Penetration Tests
      • Risk Assessments
      • Comprehensive Security Planning, Consulting, and Training
      • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
      • Physical Security Awareness Training
      • Cyber Security Awareness Training
        • including NFTs  (The once red-hot NFT market, fueled by missed opportunity syndrome during the crypto boom in 2021, has turned into nothing more than a trickle: the trading volume on OpenSea, the most popular NFT trading platform, plummeting by 99% in less than four months. According to data compiled by DappRadar, OpenSea processed record NFT transactions on May 1 amount of $2.7 billion, but  on August 28, 2022, the market only traded $9.34 million. On the same day, the company recorded 24,020 users, about a third less than in May, when a record number of transactions was reached.)


      • Museums / Historic Sites / Libraries / Galleries / Universities / Art Institutes
      • Digital Art Collections and Special Collection Depositories

Photo: “Palmyra” by Tate Paulette (ASOR)


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